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First County Bank Customer Profile: Radio Personality Matt Zako at 95.9 The Fox in Norwalk, Conn.

Matt Zako is an on-air radio personality at 95.9 The Fox in Norwalk, and it’s safe to say he has lots of fans. But there are times that Matt himself is a fan. Especially when it comes to his bank. “I love First County Bank and all the people there,” he admits.

Matt’s relationship with First County Bank goes back almost ten years. It all started with a bounced check at another bank. “It was around the time we were starting a family and had a lot on our plates. My wife and I wrote a few checks before some money had cleared.”

The amounts of the bounced checks were low, but the overdraft fees were high. Matt went to his bank – the same one he had used for years – to see if there was anything they could do about consolidating or waiving the fees. “They acted as if I was a new customer, not someone who has been there for a long time. To be honest, I should have changed banks right then, but I didn’t.”

The final straw came when the Zako’s were refinancing their mortgage. Matt made not one, but several calls to his bank’s loan officer. The only response he got was from a secretary who told him to fill out and drop off his paperwork. Then a friend suggested he call First County Bank. He spoke with Elona Needle, Branch Manager at a Norwalk branch. She quickly understood Matt’s needs. Elona suggested that they get together and fill out an application, so he could lock in a great rate. “I couldn’t even get the other loan officer to return my call and First County Bank was already helping me, without knowing who I was,” Matt remembered.

Matt’s refinancing was just the beginning of his infatuation with First County Bank. He has since moved all his accounts to the Bank as well as opened up some new ones. He describes banking there as a truly enlightening experience. “While other banks just want to nickel and dime you, First County Bank really wants your money to grow. And because of Elona Needle and First County Bank, I have more money now than ever.”

Another satisfied First County Bank customer. You keep listening to your fans … and we’ll keep listening to our customers.

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