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First County Bank Customer Profile: The Law Office of Alex Martinez, Stamford, Conn.

As a successful lawyer in Stamford, Alex Martinez is well versed in presenting his side of
any case. When it comes to his dealings with First County Bank, he simply states the facts,
“It’s been an awesome experience and I wouldn’t bank anywhere else.”

Alex started banking with First County Bank in the early 1980s. “Back then, I had personal accounts, you know, checking and savings,” he said. “I started my practice in 1993 and naturally looked to First County Bank for my business needs. And First County Bank was able to meet those needs, and continues to do so as my business grows.”

When asked what makes First County Bank different than other banks, Alex doesn’t mince words. “It’s passion, pure and simple,” he exclaims. “Camilo Duque, the Branch Manager at the Summer Street branch, is one of the most passionate people I have ever met,” he said. Alex was quick to note that every single person he has ever dealt with at the branch, from tellers to branch manager, have been very passionate about his business needs. “The people at the branches are the key to the Bank’s success. You build a bond with these people and they go the extra mile.”

The pleasure of dealing with First County Bank also extends to his wife and 9-year-old daughter, who both have accounts there. In fact, Alex’s immediate family are not his only relatives who bank with First County Bank. His mom has several accounts at the Bank, as does his sister.

Alex admits that in the last year, four or five different banks have approached him in an effort to lure his business away from First County Bank. “I can never see that happening,” he says. Alex has the utmost confidence in the Bank and its employees.

Alex is also very impressed with the diversity of employees at First County Bank. “Stamford has always been a very multi-cultural city and I love that First County Bank mirrors that diversity and is responding to the needs of the community.” We are proud to say that more than 16 different languages are spoken at our many branches.

Once again, a local resident sings the praises of First County Bank. Case closed.

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