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5 Handy Apps for Small Businesses

With an “App App” here and an “App App” there, here an “App,” there an “App” everywhere an “App App” it’s hard to keep up! However if you’re a small to medium sized business owner, you may want to stay in the loop on Apps that can make your business more efficient, make your life easier and, best of all, allow you to spend your time and talents on the business of your business and not “bookkeeping.” From tracking expenses to sending invoices on the road…we found a great article from Mashable on 5 Handy Apps for Small Business Finance Management

We hope you find some of these apps helpful. Also, don’t forget that First County Bank offers a complete suite of business services to help your business save time and money. Feel free to contact one of the financial experts at our Business Banking Department for information on the business products and services we offer.

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