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Grow Your Savings With These Hot Summer Tips

You can save money throughout the year, but the warm temperatures of summer provide a few additional tips that can help you save even more money. Here are some things to try during those warm months.

  1. Cook outside. Using the stove or baking in the oven can create a lot of excess heat that has nowhere to go except in your house. Consider taking meal plans to the barbecue grill outside so that you can keep your house cool inside.
  2. Have your air conditioner cleaned and inspected. You’ll pay a small fee, between
    $50 to $75, but this could save you more than twice as much with your air conditioner running more efficiently all summer. At the minimum, change your filter. This can be easy to overlook, but a dirty filter can increase cooling costs.
  3. Save on watering your lawn. Summer heat makes you water your lawn more
    often. Try watering your lawn in the early morning to prevent the water from evaporating so quickly. This can reduce the amount of your water bill dramatically during the summer watering season.
  4. If you leave for vacation, unplug all of your major appliances and electronics. Even
    if the appliance isn’t turned on, it still uses energy while being plugged into the wall. If you are going to be away for a week or two, consider unplugging everything. It will also help prevent power surge damage in the event of a storm.
  5. Shop at a local Farmer’s Market. Unlike supermarket pricing, produce prices at Farmer’s Markets are often negotiable. Also, you can save by buying from the same sellers daily or weekly to receive further discounts.
  6. Stop paying your gym membership and start jogging. Take a leave of absence from your gym membership for the summer months and enjoy your exercises in the fresh air for free!

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